Latest and Modern Lahnga and Bridal Dress

Pakistani modern lahnga is very beautiful. This bridal dresses are most gorgeous and sexy.This dark pink lahnga is most amazing. Its embroidery is ow-some.Its combination is stunning.Its jamawar chooli is very nice.Its white green and cooper embroidery have a great touch.Its a very beautiful bridal lahnga.

This lahnga have most amazing colors.Its embroidery is very good looking .Its chooli design is very smart.Its a most amazing and hot  lahnga for a bridal.Its makeup and jewellery is great.Its a beautiful lahnga.

This red lahnga is most gorgeous and dashing.Its Its chooli have a very great embroidery . Its combination is stunning.The border of doppatta is very good looking.Its doppatta embroidery is most nice.Its a very beautiful dress for a bridal.

This is very hot and beautiful sky blue fish lahnga.Its color and golden embroidery is very good looking.Its chooli design most nice.Its beats design is very beautiful.Its a very nice dress for a bride.


Its a very nice lahnga . Its cream and maroon colors are most dashing.Its chooli style is most amazing.Its lahnga embroidery is very good looking.Its border of doppatta is very nice . Its a stunning dress.


This beautiful double lahnga most amazing.Its multicolored heavy embroidery is dashing.Its blue chooli is very good looking. Its green and blue shirt is stunning. Its fish lahnga is most great looking.Its work is very nice and beautiful.

This black and golden lahnga is very ow-some.Its golden embroidery is most amazing. Its a very dashing dress for bridal wear.Its a most beautiful dress.Its makeup and jewellery is nice.

This is another double shirt lahnga.Its blue full sleeve chooli is very nice .Its second shirt is full of great work.Its umbrella lahnga is most stunning.I green doppatta is also beautiful.Its a very beautiful bridal dress.

Its a very beautiful net lahnga. its color is owe-some.Its design is very smart.Its golden combination is very great.Its lahnga border is most amazing.Its a very stunning bridal dress.Its makeup are very nice.

This red and golden lahnga is also for a bride.This wedding dress is very gorgeous and pretty.Its net doppatta is most nice.Its sleeveless red and golden combination is very ow-some.Its fish lahnga is also very nice embroidery.Its purse jewellery and makeup is good looking.Its a very stunning dress for a bride.

This purple dress is nice.Its umbrella lahnga is very ow-some.Its jamawar lahnga is also dashing.Its a very diff rent color for brides but nice color.Its sleeveless chooli is dashing .Its pearl jewellery is also very nice.

This is four amazing colors  in one lahnga.Its red and black velvet lahnga is also good looking embroidery. Its golden chooli is very nice.This orange doppatta is very amazing embroidery.Its lahnga border is very great.Its Bengals jewellery and makeup is very ow-some.Its very beautiful dress for bridal wear.

This is most pretty and dashing designing lahnga.Its tee-pink color is very good looking.Its a beautiful fish lahnga.Its jamawar cream sleeveless shirt is most amazing.Its light and dark pink double shade doppatta also very nice.Its lahnga design is very stunning.Its makeup and jewellery is also very great. Its a very cute dress for bridal wear.




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