Beautiful long frocks for party wear.

This dress is very beautiful.Its a most gorgeous long frock.Its silver neck and arms embroidery is very nice.Its color is very beautiful.Its silver, parpal and tea-pink combination is looking very smart.Long frock border is very good looking.Its a beautiful long frock with amazing chooridar.Its a full sleeve long frock.

Thia cream long frock is very dashing.Its color is  amazing.Its red embroidery is very nice.Its front design is very beautiful.First layer is made of net and its embroidery is looking very smart.Its silver and red embroidery is ow-some.Its a beautiful doppatta made with ribbon and lasses.Its very dashing night party wear dress.

Its very beautiful angrakha long frock.Its color is very sexy.Its blue embroidery is  ow-some.Its blue and silver border is very nice.Its back design is looking very good.Its a very nice sleeve less long frock..Its very nice dress.

This green frock is very beautiful.Its color is very nice.Its neck design is very beautiful.Its border is made of laces and ribbons.Its a very nice frock with amazing choori dar.Its color is very dashing.Its jewellery is very nice.Its hair style is  gorgeous.Its a very nice party wear dress.Its a sleeveless long frock.

This frock is very gorgeous.Its color is amazing.Its pink and white combination is looking very smart.Its white and pink embroidery is very nice.Its border is made of ribbon,laces and fall.Its doppatta is very nice. makeup, jewellery,hair and shoes are very gorgeous.Its full sleeve long frock.

Its a very beautiful long frock.Its black and red combination is very nice.Its red jacket is most amazing.Its border is made of laces.Its design is beautiful.model,s hair style  and makeup is very nice.

Its a very beautiful yellow long frock.Its color is very dashing.Its border is made of beautiful jamawar cloth.Its a  amazing long frock with chooridar.Its a sleeve less long frock with choori dar.Its cutting is really very ow-some.Its a very beautiful mehndi dress.Its doppatta border is looking very nice.

Its a beautiful long frock.Its black color is very nice.Its embroidery is very ow-some.Its frock border embroidery is very dashing.Its full sleeve long frock.Its a dashing party wear dress.

This long frock is very beautiful.Its white color is looking very amazing.Its embroidery is  ow-some.Its front embroidery is looking very nice.Its a full sleeve frock.Its a long frock with choori dar.Its border is full of silver embroidery.Its hair style,jewellery,and shoes are very nice.Its a very beautiful party wear dress.

This cream frock is very beautiful.Its color is very nice .Its a very gorgeous embroidered frock.Its red embroidery is very nice.Its a long frock with  a trouser.Its red doppatta is looking very nice.Its front design is very beautiful and  smart.Its doppatta border is very nice.Its frock border is very gorgeous.Its a very nice full sleeve frock by designer Hina khan .

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