Fabulous and stunning Ideas for Stage Decoration

Fabulous and stunning Ideas for Stage Decoration

This walima stage decoration has a theme of blue and white color. The stage sides are also decorated with nice.The front of the stage is strikingly embellished with white and pink flowers and green long leaves.

Here is a magnificent stage decoration with pink  theme.Pink  curtains and fresh orange and yellow flowers hanging in the background and on the sides.


This mehndi stage decoration has a theme of yellow  color.Stage is decorated with fresh and artificial flowers. It is a very cultural and traditional event of the people of Pak. The stage has a carpet over a yellow sheet and on the floor flowers are also displayed from the front.

A very beautiful and modern stage decoration.Beautifully the background and sides of stage are embellished with purple and white  sheets  hanging flowers.

This stage decoration is perfect for mehndi function.The lamps are also placed on the floor at the side of a stage. Its an awesome decoration idea for outdoor mehndi function.

This is a wonderful walima stage decoration. Slight touch of lightning has also been given at the back.

It is a gorgeous Mehndi stage with having a blend of colorful sheets in the background.. An outstanding balance of colors and objects is used here. Here we have some good-looking, striking and charming ideas for mehndi stage decoration.


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